Adopt-a-Class TN is a 501(c) (3) charitable organization that supports local public elementary schools with classroom volunteers, supplies and contributions to large classroom projects.

Volunteer Quotes


"My school volunteer time is the high point of my week."

"The children are precious, and being a part of their education has been uniquely rewarding."

"I start my morning at PreK with a group hug.  There is seriously no better way to start a day!"

Director's Message

As the founder and director of Adopt-a-Class TN, I wish to thank the many volunteers who have donated countless hours to the  education of our local children.  The generosity of our community  has also provided year-round school supplies and help support many  educational projects.  Our efforts are very much appreciated by the  faculty and students of our adopted schools.  Adopt-a-Class began at one school with 14 volunteers.  Three years later, over 60 volunteers serve at 3 schools, and we are a legally recognized charitable organization.  It is my honor and privilege to be associated with my very special Adopt-a-Class family.

-- Karen Hamerslag